UK Thunderball Wednesday 24 November 2021


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LONDON – Here is the acquiring victory result for UK Thunderball Wednesday 24 November 2021 predicated on the official draw of UK Thunderball, with £500,000 top prize.

UK Thunderball Wednesday 24 November 2021

The top prize of UK Thunderball Wednesday 24 November 2021 is £500,000. The top prize on Thunderball is not shared among players. Not only is Thunderball your best chance to claim £500,000 on a £1 Thunderball draw , you can play it 4 times a week. And if you win the top prize, it’s all yours – you won’t have to split it with anyone else!


Launched way back in June 12, 1999, UK Thunderball—a game under the UK National and is operated by Camelot—has undergone several vicissitudes in its infancy. Minor changes include the enhancement of Wednesday and Friday draws in October 23, 2002, and May 14, 2010 respectively. As well as the prelude of incipient Smart play Halogen II draw machines on November 2009.

UK Thunderball Saturday 20 November 2021

The most sizably voluminous changes to the UK Thunderball format transpired on May 12, 2010. They incremented the size of the cull pool—from 34 to 39; they doubled the jackpot—from £250,000 to £500,000; and they engendered an incipient prize category for those who match only the Thunderball.


Predicated off US Powerball:

UK Thunderball’s mechanics are predicated of its cousin game, the US Powerball.

Tri-Weekly Draws:

Draws occur three times a week, every Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.

Nine Prize Tiers:

UK Thunderball offers nine prize tiers you can win in—that’s nine chances to win in UK Thunderballs.

No Mega Jackpots :

While it is patterned after US Powerball mechanics, that’s where the homogeneous attributes end—don’t expect mega jackpots here that go as high as nine figures.

Relatively Good Odds:

Despite not offering huge-sized jackpots, UK Thunderballs does have, at the very least, some very propitious percentage.


As described before, UK Thunderballs is patterned after the US Powerball, so some of its mechanics are quite homogeneous (but, conspicuously, not identically tantamount). You pick five main numbers from a total pool of 1 to 39, plus an thunderball number (e.g. the Thunderballs) from a different pool ranging from 1 to 14.

To win the jackpot, you must match all five of your numbers along with the supplemental Thunderball. Matching only 5 will win you the second prize money, while matching 4 (plus the Thunderball) will net you the third prize, and so on. At the end all, players can win in up to 9 prize money.

One thing that stand out about the UK Thunderball Result is that, unlike other games, its prizes are fixed—where the jackpot amounts to £500,000. Like I’ve verbalized earlier, don’t expect astronomically immense prizes here as it isn’t a mega game.

  • Pick 5 main category numbers from 1-39 and 1 Thunderball from 1-14.
  • Or go with a Fortuitous Dip for arbitrarily picked numbers.
  • Pick your draw days and the number of weeks you’d relish to play.
  • You can wager up to 7 lines of numbers on each play slip and can wager your money up to 10 play slips at a time.


You can buy Thunderball game tickets online every day from 6am until 11pm. But memorize, to play on a draw day, you’ll need to buy your ticket till 7.30pm.


Despite the relatively diminutive, fine-tuned prizes, the great thing about UK Thunderball’s is that the odds are quite propitious. In fact, you have a 1 in 12 chance of acquiring victory any prize!


As far as record wins go, UK Thunderball is in a highlighted spot. Because of its unmatched jackpot mechanic, there genuinely isn’t a victor that can be considered as having bagged the “highest” jackpot.

UK Thunderball Result 02 April 2021

Like I’ve verbally expressed, every jackpot triumphed receives the same amount—regardless of the number of tickets sold before the draw, or how many players end up victoriously triumphing the top prize on the same draw. In that sense, every jackpot winning player is on equal prize as they are all the “highest” victors here.


UK Thunderballs jackpots work entirely different than most other games. Where other games would split the top prize equally among winning players (if there be more than one victorious), victors here will receive £500,000 each. Even preponderant, all prizes are tax-free. Additionally, it’s worth noting that prizes are paid out in the form of a lump sum. Determinately, like other games under the UK National Game, a victor of the UK Thunderball’s before has a maximum of 180 days to claim their prizes. Unclaimed prizes will go to the Good Causes Trusts before.


Like other UK National games, a portion of the UK Thunderball’s funds are donated to charity for the Good Causes Trusts.
It is one of the more unique games where the prizes are of a fine-tuned magnitude.
You can even win if you don’t match any of the main numbers and just matched the Thunderball before.

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UK Thunderball is one of the biggest games of uk in terms of profitability, but it’s proven itself in other areas as well. The one thing, draws are held three times a week and provide more chances of winning. Plus you can win in nine prize categories before. The odds are pretty great compared to more sizably voluminous games before. Just don’t expect to win insanely immensely colossal prizes here before.

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