Greece Extra 5 Evening Result 01 December 2021


Greece Extra 5 Evening Result 01 December 2021 Find The Result of Greece Extra 5 Evening Draw at 18:00. Redeem Winnings

Result Today 2021. Below you can find Today’s

Greece Extra 5 Evening Latest Results

Results Live from 30 November 2021

Tuesday will be available after DRAW

on their official website Greece Jester Result.

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Greece Extra 5 Evening Result 01 December 2021

Tonight Greece Extra 5 Evening Results

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Greece Extra 5 Evening Lucky Numbers

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How to Play Greece Extra Five:

STEP 1: Filling in the Play slip

As implemented nowadays (or defined within the brochure), the options for filling in a play slip are such as follows: Including

Single Columns

Full Systems (Full Development Systems)


Fortuitous Generally Dip

Consecutive / Future  Generally attracts

STEP 2: Handing over the Consummated Play slip and checking the Participation Receipt


you cease the consummated play slip Generally to OPAP agent and, as anon as it is verified via the Generally terminal, above receipt is outlined out,

as proof of your participation. Generally Upon receipt of this Participation Receipt, you’ve got to as a result check that it’s miles valid and includes all the statistics just like the specific participation.

It is the Generally participant’s obligation to crosscheck his/her culls with the ones printed on the receipt, in to was examine they coincide.

STEP three: Checking out the Play slip for Winnings

Upon completion of EXTRA5 also draw, you evaluate the triumphantly winning column along Generally with your prognostications,

to check out if you are the holder of a obtaining triumph play slip.

set up in Generally each OPAP retail store or you could always ask an OPAP agent for help.

Frequently Asked Question?

You can each employ the business enterprise’s software “Find winnings predicated on as a result

You can be at

similar to every EXTRA5 prize tier, utilizing the t

of the play slip, wherein the coefficients Generally on winnings

consistent with Generally prize tier and in step with kind of recreation  denoted, alternatively,

Greece Extra 5 Evening Result 01 December 2021

Greece Extra 5 Evening Result 01 December 2021
Greece Extra 5 Result – 21:15:30





Winnings redeeming Generally takes vicinity upon engenderment of the Participation Receipt to the sanctioned also OPAP S.A.

Retail stores (companies). Winnings pay are as a result out, depending on the inhibition described by way of OPAP S.A.

takes place both Generally at the

retail shop, in which  above all price receipt  supplementally revealed out,

or at a cooperating bank upon engenderment of Generally a price request posted out of the store’s terminal.

The proportional tax Generally right now withheld thru

OPAP S.A. Upon fee of winnings, in accordance with the relevant regulation.

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